Colorbook: 3D Pixel Art – LeverX International LLC

Welcome your new favorite art pixel coloring game!
Colorbook — innovative 3D coloring by numbers with the AR mode and 3D builder!
Download the app and get access to the magnificent world of bright 3D figures and augmented reality. Relax and enjoy your own 3D pixel world right now!

No Time for Stress — Stay Positive with 3D Colorbook!
Sometimes, after a hard working day, you feel apathy and low energy. It’s time to relax and get away from daily routine, worries, and stress.
3D Colorbook app is a perfect way to take a break and forget about anxiety through relaxing your mind and body.
How does it work? 3D Colorbook gives you an opportunity to color space around and make figures brighter thanks to the augmented reality effect.
Feeling tired? Want to turn your attention to something pleasant and inspiring? Go to the library and choose a figure. There is a rich voice of numerous images from different categories, so feel free to select the best.
Ready to compete? Accept the challenge and color the figure as quickly as you can! You are welcome to do it in either AR or traditional mode.

Boost Your Creativity — Achieving a Masterpiece is Pretty Easy!
We are having much stress and dealing with overwhelming thoughts during the day. A creative act like painting or coloring helps to concentrate and even makes us smarter.
There is a way to resist depression and sadness — download the 3D Colorbook app and foster your creativity!
Still hesitant that you can create masterpieces on your own? With the 3D Colorbook builder, kids and adults become the authors of awesome 3D pixel pics. Create and color 3D models using the AR effects. What about building your own island? Let’s try with Colorbook — download the app and enjoy your free time!

Colorbook is here to make the world around you brighter!

Create a new reality around you. The augmented reality mode is a perfect way to have fun and relax, while coloring figures. All you need is to turn on the camera and start coloring your reality.

Fantasy World Building
Make your own 3D pixel world. Go to the island and add 3D figures or choose ones from the library. Turn on your imagination and turn your island into a dreamland!

A Smart 3D Builder
There are no limits for your creativity. Just imagine any picture or figure and start to build it with Colorbook. Even without the knowledge of art, you can create unique 3D compositions. Simple controls and usable design make the process a piece of cake.

3D Coloring
Make your time fly faster with the app! Just follow the numbers in pixel boxes. A special color palette at the bottom will give you a clue about the correlation between numbers and colors.

Are you ready for the challenge? If you are bored and want to have fun – challenge! See how fast you can color 3D figures in AR or normal mode. Do you really think your time is the best? Check it!
Share With Friends!

Have you already created a pixel masterpiece? Share it! You can send your friends pixel pics and videos, which you’ve made by yourself with 3D builder or AR mode!