CollegeLeaps – CollegeLeaps LLC

Is the college application process getting you down? Tired of managing multiple websites with no clear direction? Need customized direction for where to go, what to do, and how to do it? Let CollegeLeaps help create a customized college admissions journey for you. Your journey includes turn-by-turn directions, quick and efficient tech all in one place, and the capability to collaborate with parents and school staff.

CollegeLeaps is a customized college admissions mobile app designed with the aspiring college student in mind. We take the bewilderment out of college admissions by providing you with a customized college journey encompassing your junior and senior years.

CollegeLeaps helps you…

• Build your application information
• Apply to college
• Find and apply for scholarships
• Have support in the process.

We help you save time, simplify the process, and access all important information in one location on your mobile device.


• Checklists are organized by category and include tasks to complete in each one.
• Completion counter for each of the categories on your checklist by tasks and percentage of overall completion.
• Completion items customized to the month you should be completing them to ensure you are on track with your college admissions timeline.
• Shareable accounts so that your family, friends, and teachers can monitor your progress and encourage you on your college journey.
• All tasks created for you with resources, tools, important definitions, and videos easily accessible in each tab.
• All tasks may be filtered by category to make it easier to tackle one area at a time.
• Junior Checklist to guide you through your entire junior year by documenting all important aspects of your high school experiences, creating a college resume’, establishing relationships for important college references, and beginning your scholarship search. Junior Checklist completion will set you up for success in your Senior year admissions journey.
• Senior Checklist to walk you through the college admissions process with various colleges, scholarship search and completion, FAFSA completion, college essay writing, college admissions test preparation, college acceptance, and financial aid package analysis.

CollegeLeaps was created by two high school teachers who have guided thousands of students through this process. We want to help you be successful in your college journey and are available to assist via the help feature.