Collabri – Collabri Ltd

Collabri is a mobile application that provides a peer to peer marketplace for services encompassing small gigs and jobs as well as leisure activities. The application connects individuals requiring specific services and those that are willing to delivering them.

As such, Collabri is a platform that not only provides a one-stop-shop for those looking for help on a variety of tasks but also enables their counterparts to promote themselves by creating ads, communicating and transacting.

Discover jobs near you – navigate the interactive map to search for jobs and helpers. You can navigate the map to explore other cities. Tap on any icon to see work and help ads and apply directly.

Filter and sort – To find the right job or the right person, tap on the funnel button at the bottom of your screen and enable filters to see jobs and helpers based on locations, radius, hourly wage expectations, and ratings.

Create your own opportunities – Create your own ads to promote your talents and skills and build up your reputation.

Stay flexible – Manage your listing schedules and change them as needed.

Chat, plan and communicate freely – Stay updated on any development, by sending direct messages and receiving notifications.

Register now and empower yourself to find cool jobs and motivated helpers.