Cojeck – Sunny Chawla

People have requirement for a plumber, carpenter, electrician or a civil contractor every now and then, but are unable to get them at time of need. As a businessman, this can be a lucrative business for you, to provide Cojeck services to your customers. Our company develops one of the best Cojeck app, you can rely on.

You as the business owner has to maintain a network of various service providers as the primary requirement. You can manage the individual service provider profile through the app settings in the admin panel. Through the app, you can dispatch a pool of Cojeck to the customer places and monitor their whereabouts by the geo location tracker. Once the user logs in, he can search for services of a nearby Cojeck according to his preferences and send him a request for service. The nearest available Cojeck can accept the request and be on his way to the customer’s place immediately. Be it any service, the user is able to call on the Cojeck anywhere anytime, at a reasonable rate. The app shows the price tag of each and every Cojeck and has payment options. The user can pay by cash. As a business owner, your job is to connect the required Cojeck with the customer and gain good margins. All the features that you have ever desired for, we have tried to incorporate in our Uber for Cojeck app. The app is user friendly and easily customizable. So come and make us your Cojeck app development partner!

App features

– Geo location based search.

– Browse & Book service

– Hire

– Real time tracking

– Mobile Dispatching

– Instant task alert

– Price & Review based filters

– Cash payment option

– Track transactions

– Generate bills easily

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