COG – Currency Online Group

Smile as you spend

With the Multi-Currency card from Currency Online Group you can kick back and relax on your travels, safe in the knowledge that you have access to the best rates on the market.

It’s the smart, easy and fast way to spend abroad.
Multi-currency account allows you to:

• Have a multi currency wallet in your pocket anywhere in the world

• Exchange currencies at market beating rates wherever you are

• Spend for free with a multi currency COG card that is accepted everywhere

• Send money to your friends and family instantly via the app, chat or any channel of your choice (social networks, email, text)

• Manage all your global transactions and payments on your mobile

• Manage groups payments easily and split bills, collect or request money as simply as having opening a group chat

• Save time and money with your personal budget manager

• Chat with your friends and family

• Real time push notifications whenever you use your card or receive payments

• Real time COG card and account controls to block your card or disable online or contactless payments

• Contactless multi currency COG MasterCard

The Multi-currency account card is licensed by MasterCard international and accepted at more than 30 million locations worldwide