#CodeAtHome – E-mma

Discover Free Weekly Online Coding Workshops designed for 8 to 16 y/o kids and teens. Learn programming through personalized teaching sessions in a fun and inclusive environment.

About the #CodeAtHome initiative:
#CodeAtHome is a global initiative that enables millions of kids and teens to participate in free online coding workshops held weekly. #CodeAtHome focuses on helping to reduce social and digital gaps around the world, through promotion of wider access to technology. #CodeAtHome is aimed at kids and teens aged 8 to 16 years old.

Through #CodeAtHome workshops, kids and teens will develop their algorithmic thoughts in order to learn to solve complex problems and to discover the world of programming. Using languages ​​such as Python, Swift, Scratch, JavaScript and many others, they will expand their creativity and explore the possibilities offered by technology and its application in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud and many others.

With the #CodeAtHome App, you can:
• Discover weekly coding workshops
• Find upcoming events for this week
• See details of each workshop topic
• See what you’ll learn during the workshop
• Register for free to workshops
• Keep track of your next registrations so you don’t miss your workshops

How to use the #CodeAtHome App?
1. No inscription is required to use the app
2. Browse the events available and register to an event
3. You’ll receive a registration confirmation by email with your connection link
4. Join the workshop using the link at the date and time of the event

Workshops are offered in the following languages:
• English
• French