Exclusive QR Ordering System

Presenting a new generation of order

Presenting completely personalized dining journey using your own mobile device you would love to repeat every now and then.
All is done with a scan

All you have to do is scan QR code on the table and browse our digital menu and choose your order.

Quicker and Smarter

Ordering food is quicker than a snap. All you need is your mobile device. Our Smart solution will thrill you with complete dining journey from digital menu,
ordering food to smart and safe mobile pay options.

The extravagant menu is yours to order

Digitalised menu is all yours with a quick QR code scan. You can browse our menu and choose from wide variety of food and beverages. Leave it on us to satisfy your taste buds.

Add your items to your cart

Love our menu? You can add your favorite dishes to cart with a simple touch. Customise your cart by changing dishes and quantity is just simple.
Your order is notified directly to the kitchen
The order is immediately accepted by the kitchen and they exactly know what and how to serve you without any hassle.
Your food is served instantly leaving you happy and your taste buds satisfied.