Cloud9cameras – Cloud Nine Camera Inc

The Cloud9 Cameras mobile app is an easy to use method to have complete control of your cloud video system for your home or small business. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your home, family, pets, business, and employees from wherever you are in the world, whenever you want.

We believe in “giving back” and offering help to others. As a Cloud9 Cameras client, we will make a donation to one of several charities for every product purchase you make from us, as well as for the life of your subscription. Help us help others by choosing Cloud9 Cameras as your cloud video provider.

With the Cloud9 app you can:
• Monitor live streaming video from all of your sites with an unlimited number of cameras, at the same time.
• Create multiple sites (ex: Home, Office, Lake House) for easy management.
• Record all events directly to the cloud as they occur.
• Store the recorded video for 1, 7, 15 or 40 days.
• Receive email and/or push alerts when an event occurs.

The Cloud9 Camera app is simple, scalable and secure.

The quality of the image is only as good as the quality of the camera; therefore we don’t allow cheap, low quality cameras to work with our video system. You can purchase your cameras directly from Cloud9 Cameras and they’ll be 100% tested, setup and shipped to you ready to go, or you may choose from Axis, D-Link or Vivotek cameras, and buy them on your own.