Clocking Zone – Ali Jaber Al-Shammari

What is Clocking Zone?

Clocking zone is a solution that lets your employees prove attendance using their smartphones.

Why Clocking Zone?

– Prevent stressful queues

Having a good amount of employees may result in stressful queues waiting to clock in or out where several of them may face issues authenticating.

-No cabling needed

Simply tell us where will you want the employees to prove attendance and we will make sure they won’t notice any change.

-Instant Data

Thats correct, no network cabling and no power source cabling but you will be able to access your employees attendance activity log instantly.

-Fast, Simple and most reliable Authenticator

The most confidential transactions are done by the smartphones Fingerprint and FaceID authentication technologies. Don’t you think we should use it too?


Still having doubts about who is clocking in and out? Our solution makes sure each employee takes a selfie while proving attendance.

To make it simple, its the Fastest, Simplest and most reliable way to prove attendance.