Climber Rock Row – Volodymyr Kuzub

Climber Rock Row is a real challenge for those who love to test himself! Can you get to the top of the mountain?
The timeless classics – “3 in a row” – combined with the original graphics will give you a real gaming pleasure. A large number of levels (and soon we will add more!), two different game modes, bright gameplay will attract your attention for a long time.


Go through levels after levels, break the ice, collect fruits and earn coins! Each new level is more challenging than the previous one and each time you need to earn more coins to open the next one.


You only have 2 minutes to collect as many fruits as possible! Set a record by getting as many coins as you can and take your deserved place as a record holder.

If the game has caused difficulties – you can always call on Rock Climber to help – he will throw a pickaxe at the frozen fruit and break the ice around! You can use it as many times as you need to complete the level. 

You can also always choose any nickname you want, as well as one of our colorful userpics in the game’s settings.
Hurry up and download the app and immerse yourself in a really exciting game!

If you have any ideas – leave them in your feedback, we are always happy to suggestions from players.