Cleanup Countdown – Slater Media

It’s pretty simple really. Press the button and for 60 seconds everyone in the family has to complete the task you have set – while Cleanup Countdown counts down with “gentle” encouragement given. No arguments. Just 60 seconds of sanity.

It’s simple. And it works. Seriously.

Parents – want a cuddle from your kids? 60 seconds doesn’t sound a lot. But 60 seconds of cuddles can last a lifetime.

Husbands – time yourself for 60 seconds using Cleanup Countdown and see what you can achieve in a messy room before your wife comes home. You may find that the 60 seconds tidying may turn into 60 seconds of…

Teachers – want to get the class cleaned and ready for home-time? Start the 60 second timer on Cleanup Countdown and watch the kids spring into action!

It’s not just a timer. It’s a timer with a purpose. (No, not a porpoise – that is a marine mammal).