City Police Car Driving 2020 – Akif Ulu

If you ever dreamed to be a police ( cop guy ), now is your time to simulate it. American Police Car Driving simulator is a simulator with Realistic police cars ( NYPD ). You will drive the cars ( sedan , limuzine and more police car ) in a big city that is full of speeders and robbers. You must end their race chasing and catching them by hitting their cars. You also can play time missions to break new records and win virtual money to buy a new car.
Be careful, those speeding robbers can escape easily, so you must turn on the police siren to filter the traffic.
The action takes place in NY in the year 2020 so you will be the policeman that must have the most takedowns in this year to be promoted as a boss of NYPD department.

Game features:
– 6 police car ( SUV and sedans )
– multiple cop siren (2 police car siren )
– big city
– speeders
– open world
– 2020 cars
– 3d game simulator
-realstic police car physic
-Police car garrage system
-Drift mode
-Free Mode (Traffic or not traffic)

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