Circuit Settings – Kloc

Circuit Settings lets you record all the car setup measurements. Alignment, Shock settings, Corner weights for reference later. is an approved sales and service center for Nitron, Ohlins, Penske, Quantum, TracTive Suspension & Hyperco Springs. We were always being asked for setup help and we needed setup information to before we made any comment. We also saw friends and customers recording data the old fashioned way. All their critical data in a paper file or having to power up a laptop and having to reference it whilst at events. This app will replace that paper file. All alignment, damper settings, tyre type, pressure, aero or ARB settings and more. The App even allows you to record the weather and take a picture for reference of the venue. The data can be copied to a new event/session so repeat entry is not required. Just update an existing session with new data.