CIDAC – Canadian Islamic Dar Alfatwa Centre

Local Prayer Times: know your local prayer times information including sunrise, sunset and iqama times
– Submit shariah questions: when you submit a shariah question your answer will be delivered by a Sunna Islamic Scholar right to your email. You can choose it to be private or public, the difference if it is private the question and answer will not be posted in the app, and if it is public you will also receive an email of the answer and it should be posted in the app. Also, you can submit shariah questions in Arabic as well.
– Listen to Islamic radio and live broadcast: you have the capability to listen to what we have for you on the Islamic radio of Quran and lectures. You will be notified if we have a live lecture or meeting with an Islamic scholar for a certain subject.
– Local community businesses help you locate a local community businesses, you can search by business category that will help you spot the business that you need.
– Donation: you can donate for any project (zakat, zakat fitr, new project, Masjid operations, poverty) that we are doing and you should receive a receipt via email that is tax deductible in Canada, you will also find all the categories listed in the donation page where you can choose which category you want to donate to and the amount in USD and CAN dollars.
– Announcements in the city: you will know all the announcements that we can provide you in the city weather it is events for our community, updates on projects accomplished in the city, or even death announcements and where the funeral will take place.
– Local masjids: you can find local masjids in the city with a brief description on their location and operation hours.
– About Islam and pillars of Islam: brief introduction about Islam for people that recently converted to Islam and became a new Muslim.
– About Us and contact us: a brief introduction about us and you can communicate with us for any matter that we can help you with.
– FAQ: this is about the app features and it can be useful to know more about the app.