Chy Square – Chy Square Inc.

Chy Square is not just one of your real estate apps to find your future home, apartment or condo for rent. It is an app that helps you find your best and coolest house, apartment or condo and neighbourhood.

We make it easy for you to discover and find your next using technology. A personalized list of properties is provided whenever you turn on the app. And, you can notify a landlord or realtor if you are interested in the property by swiping right the screen. You can also archive it by swiping left.

If you are a landlord or realtor, you don’t need to open another website or download an app. Using the same app that your clients use, you are able to expect what they look. After entering some basic information such as an address, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and built-in features with a few photos, your property will be visible to everyone who is trying to find a nearby home.

– Making an account to find or post your home is always complimentary
– You do not need to search to find a home. Based on your preference, we show you houses, and you decide whether you are interested in it.
– We search and show homes you might like. Just swipe the screen to left if you love it.
– If you are a landlord, take some pictures, let us know what features your home has, and you are done. Your home will be visible to everyone in the world who would like to move in.
– If your property is loved by someone, you will be notified right away by email including their email address.