ChStrip – Ryo Togawa

ChStrip is an AudioUnit Extension channel strip plugin which contains an equalizer and a compressor for tracking and mixing. The equalizer is a three band EQ consists of low shelving filter, mid peak / notch filter and high shelving filter. The compressor is a dynamic range compression module uses feed-back topology for natural and musical sound. Both of the equalizer and compressor are not emulation of the particular hardware, but they are build by incorporating the techniques used for the analog circuit modeling.


ChStrip (AUv3)

– 3-band EQ, Low Shelving filter, Mid Peak / Notch filter and High Shelving filter.
– This Mid filter is different from the mid filter of the channel equalizer plugin. Bandwidth is wider (1 octave) and gain is reduced (+/- 14 dB)

– Stereo dynamic range compression
– Feedback topology (Implemented by delay free feedback loop)
– Side chain high pass filter
– Soft clip
– Auto fade in and auto fade out

Host Application
Host application uses system audio input as an audio source and processed audio signal is routed to the system audio output.