Christmasprism – Michael Kane

This Christmas we got to keep the spirit alive!


We’re talking about the Christmasprism

 Once we’re in the application, we will be able to view a map with everyone who has Christmas lights in Marple Newtown! We can post the lights and see our friends and families put the lights on their houses or go on an adventure and see the lights all around us!

Make sure you ask your friends and families to install the application so together, we turn the lights on in these dark times and illuminate everything so everyone can feel the real Christmas warmth. 
Together, we can keep in touch with our families, friends and loved ones while maintaining distance and above all, keeping our hearts together! Because that’s what matters!

Tell everyone about it! Ease of use and accessibility makes this application usable for everyone!

What are we waiting for? Let’s keep the lights on and make the warmth and the holiday spirit stay with us! Let’s spread the love, kindness and the tenderness of this holiday season by keeping the holiday lights on! Keep the Christmas spirit alive and be close to each other even if we have to be distant for a while! Let’s keep close and warm! After all, we’re family!

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