Christmas Postcards App – Luis Alberto Hurtado

Christmas is the best time of the year, it is where family and friends gather to spend time together, where everyone hugs and laughs together, take advantage of this application and share with them the best Christmas phrases, this application offers you the best Christmas quotes , Christmas thoughts with images, we also send you a daily notification with a Christmas phrase so you do not lose the feeling of the best time of year.

Main features of the application:

– Receive a message every day 365 days a year, relive Christmas every day.
– Share the messages you receive in popular applications, by email or in your status.
– You can save the messages you receive in your photos.
– You can view the quotes that people have uploaded near where you live.
– Login through popular applications.
– You can upload your own phrases and share them with your friends.
– You can bookmark the phrases you like the most to refer to later.
– You can comment on each message to share your experiences.
– You can log in with your account on any device or from your computer.
Much joy, much peace, and a New Year. Today we celebrate Christmas

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