Christmas jump – Dongqian Yang

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle bells, every time this song sounds, it means the arrival of Christmas, and after a year of rest, Santa Claus finally has to pick up the gift bag and get busy.

This is the children’s favorite holiday and the beginning of a new year. In order to give gifts to children without knowing it, Santa often has to climb to the roof and enter the children’s house from the chimney, but the roof is so high, how can Santa get up? In fact, Santa has a group of flying elk who can take it to the roof.

But this Christmas, the elk was absent from work. Can Santa climb the roof without the help of the elk? This is certainly not a simple matter, so on the eve of Christmas, Santa Claus began special training in high jump. Kids, quickly come to the “Christmas Jump” mobile game to help Santa complete the high jump training!

1. All of you in front of the screen just need to tap the screen to make Santa jump.

2. In the special training, a foot block will appear randomly from the left and right sides. Find the right time and click on the screen to jump to get points and stand at a higher place to continue the game.

3. If it is hit by a foot block, it will fall to the ground and the game is over.