Christ Church Amsterdam – Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Amsterdam

As a community we want to be involved with each other, efficiently maintain the organization of our church, support each other and much more. Our own mobile app helps us with this!

Thanks to our unique group structure, we can communicate better. With the entire community, but also among ourselves. You can add groups yourself and invite people to join. A smart timeline ensures that you see personal and relevant information.

Fewer and fewer people carry cash money. With the Donkey Mobile collection feature you can give via your smartphone, within two taps. Fast and effective, with 100% of your donations going to charity!

View the calendar for your entire community, but also for specific groups. Thanks to the smart group structure, each user has his own unique church calendar. Then link it to your own personal calendar and don’t miss a thing!

Does anyone still look up a telephone number in the telephone book? Hardly anyone! Thanks to the community guide feature, everyone within your congregation can be found. Send messages quickly, navigate to an address, or see what someone’s role is in the Church? It becomes easy with the digital community guide.