Chivalry: Take The Crown Back – Matrix Software Limited

Once upon a time there was a castle and the king. One day the king lost his crown in a duel from kingdom’s most sneaky and deceptive man. He build a dark, confusing labyrinth, placed so many dangerous creatures in it and hide the crown underneath this scary place.

All around the kingdom knights heard the story and begin to search for this famous labyrinth. Only a female knight was able to find it. She is the one who is strong enough to fight with enemies and take the crown back for the king. Her name is “ Elisa “.

You are Elisa. Defeat enemies. Give the crown back it’s legal owner.

In Game
Challenge yourself with an amazing RPG game. You need highly powerful imagination, attention and strategic thinking skills to beat enemies, collect coins and get the crown.

Take control of female knight to clean the road from wide range of enemies.

Collect coins.
Be ready for pop-up boxes which will empower you.
Decide your favorite weapon.
Avoid missing all the fun.