Chinese Chess-XiangQi/Co Tuong – qi xiang

Chinese Chess is a chess puzzle game with strong Chinese characteristics. It is a lot of fun, and there are different types of modes waiting for you to challenge. Constantly optimized intelligent algorithms allow you to experience the thrill of real-life games. Let you feel the profoundness of Chinese chess.

Game features:
-Getting started for novices: lead you to knock on the door of Chinese chess from scratch
-Stand-alone game: Intelligent Chinese chess AI algorithm, accept your challenge from time to time
-Endgame challenge: Endgame pass mode, can you solve the puzzles
-Friends showdown: You and your friends can learn about chess through face-to-face or Wi-Fi LAN
-Online game: online live-action, master tricks, IQ game, unlimited brain burn
-Observation system: carefully arranged massive chess scores, allowing you to appreciate the essence of Chinese chess
-Replay game: open anytime and anywhere, let your strength play again, refresh the record perfectly

As the best Chinese chess stand-alone, all chess game functions, chess endgames, and chess scores are free. Come and download and enjoy the fun of the game between masters and the collision of skills between players! I wish you an early Chinese chess master!