Chillchat: Chill, Chat, Create – Studio Mana

Have you ever thought to yourself:

“Man… chat kind of sucks now days. Everyone leaves everyone on read. Everything is boring. There’s nowhere to make and meet friends online.”

No? Just me? Well anyway, that’s why I’m building Chillchat. I’m bored and you probably are too.

Imagine an app where you can hang out with your friends and be anything you want to be.

You can be a pixelized version of yourself. Your favorite character. A dog. A cat. A goblin. A waifu. Anything. Legit anything.

If you can imagine it and draw it in pixel art, you can be it. And it’s super easy to get started. Anyone can learn pixel art.

That’s what Chillchat is. A place where people on the internet can chill, chat, and create pixel art stuff together. There’s a lot of cool stuff planned for Chillchat and I’m just getting started, so download Chillchat and come chill.

Here’s what do you can do in Chillchat:
* Chill and Chat – Hangout in a room with other people and their costumes and chat in real-time. It’s totally different than typical scrolling chat. You gotta try it to understand. There’s body language… personal space… Everything is just more engaging.
Make and Meet Friends – Hanging out with your character is just way more fun than just text. There’s something about physically being near each other with characters that makes it more real. Find your own little corner of the room to hang out with your friends or walk around the room and meet new friends.
* Create Pixel Art – We’ve got a robust pixel editor that allows you to create and animate your pixel art. A full suite of tools to create anything you want in pixel art. You create the pixel art facing the right, and we’ll mirror it to the left. Idle animations, walking animations, it’s all here. Frame by frame.
* Wardrobe – Your own personal wardrobe of all of your costume creations. Create all sorts of pixel art costumes and keep it all in your wardrobe to switch up at any time. Flex your creations to friends and strangers.

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