ChessPlayCoach – Jason Cheatham

ChessPlayCoach is the ultimate app to help all levels of chess players build their intuition and understanding of which moves are the best. You will first try to guess the best piece to move. Points are rewarded if one of the best piece is selected. After two wrong guesses, the correct piece is displayed. Next you will try to guess the correct move. Points are rewarded if the best move is selected. After three wrong guesses, the correct move is displayed and the piece is moved. You can also get points for guessing alternate pieces and moves that are good. After picking an alternate move, the best move is displayed and you must guess the correct move.
Your daily high score, and best score are stored so that you can compete against yourself. After checkmating your opponent, you can review the game, and the incorrect guesses and best moves are displayed. You can annotate the game with comments and hints. Hints are displayed after one incorrect guess for the piece.
Click the “Copy PGN” button to copy the PGN into an app that will analyze your game. Add a comment if you find a good move that wasn’t listed in the review!
Click the arrows to change the Elo rated opponent, click the button to change the color of the opponent.