Chemical Property – Acid – sunil christian

“Chemical property – Acid” is an amazing educational lab experiment tool. Amazing app will teach the user about acid reactions with metals. “Chemical property – Acid” is an educative application in support to high-school students. This app allows you to study about chemical property of acid in an easy and interactive way. Through a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to observe the different metals reactions with acid. “Chemical property – Acid” is an application aimed at school students, teachers and in general anyone interested in deepening their knowledge about Chemical property – Acid. This robust application is a great teaching and learning tool for students, educators and teachers wanting to study or teach about the Chemical property of acid.

– 3D models that you control, each structure clearly labeled with useful all apparatus information.
– Audio guide available about Chemical property – Acid.
– Rotational models (views from different angles)
– Great for learning lab experiment.
– Tap and Pinch Zoom – zoom into and identify all apparatus for Chemical property – Acid.