ChefsPoly – Mohammed Waamiq Jaffari

“With house-helps on leave and restaurants shut, hygienic home cooked food has become the first choice of everyone.

Our team of chefs, who are passionate about cooking and love to create dishes, came up with the idea to showcase their culinary skills and thus set on a journey of providing hot, delicious and home cooked meals for that tiring home maker, that single bachelor, that young, work from home, girl…….in their vicinity. The customer base was limited to a radius of known persons and immediate neighbourhood, But good things and good gems, can seldom be kept hidden.

So entered ChefsPoly! An online food aggregator platform providing an intermediary link in connecting the home kitchen and the end customer. From the cooking pot to the tables……..

The home kitchen registers itself with us and lists the items being offered, on our mobile app. The single ChefsPoly App provides multiple food choices from multiple home kitchens, we save you the trouble of using multiple apps.

ChefsPoly provides the luxury to the customer to order food from the comforts of their space and have it delivered at the door step.

ChefsPoly facilitates the increase in revenue for the home kitchens by offering a wide customer base without worrying about deliveries to the end customer. Chef Happy Patron Happy is our motto.

Delivering Happiness at your doorstep! Enjoy the time saved by pampering yourself that little bit more…..