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CHEFSLINK is a community of chefs and restaurants, and the meeting point between their respective needs. Are you looking for a chef to incorporate into your restaurant’s team? Are you looking for a restaurant where you can pursue your passion? Chefs Link is your missing ingredient.

How do we work for chefs?

Chefs Link is a free service for all our Chefs looking for jobs. No risk and no payment is needed whatsoever. We have access to an extensive restaurant network with the best possible career opportunities available in the restaurant scene. Opportunities that promises to boost your career as a Chef, and will allow you to work alongside and be mentored by some of the best Chefs in the world. We are dedicated to helping you establish and manage your career as a Chef.

How do we work for restaurants?

We dedicate our time to finding the most talented Chefs for our Restaurants through our networks, marketing and good relationships with some of the best culinary schools in the world. It enables us to find the talent that will meet your specific needs. Our company is designed to eliminate the hassle and frustration usually associated with the recruitment process by making it as easy as possible for you and your business. We offer two recruitment plans Free Sign Up ( recruitment fee will apply) or Premium (once-off annual fee). For more information, please visit our website or email us at 

All the tools you will need

Create a Profile

This information will provide our team with all the necessary information they need to help you find the best possible Job or Chef.

Apply for Jobs 

Chefs can apply to the Job Offer with a few simple clicks; the restaurant will be notified that the Chef is interested in that Job and receive a full Profile description and dates when the Chef is available for a trial or interview. 

Find Chefs

All the Chefs in our network have a summary of their curriculums with only the most relevant information about their careers as a Chef, posted on our website. Simply selecting the Chefs profiles that interest your requirements and send them a Job Offer.

Direct Message

Our Message system makes it easy to chat directly with Premium Restaurants and Chefs in case you need more information. 


Our calendar will automatically put all the confirmed trials and interviews in one organised place so that you can keep track of your appointments. 

Post Jobs 

Create as many Job offers on our website as you like and even store the ads in your profile for future recruitment use.

Link Technology

Our website’s smart-profiling will automatically link you with the Chefs and Restaurants that matter to you.

Latest Job Offer or Chef Alerts

You will receive a weekly email alert with all the latest job offers and Chefs that were automatically linked to your profile according to the information you have provided.

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