Cerebrum Sensor – Cerebrum

Description – Cerebrum is the world’s first intelligent tire solution utilizing revolutionary, patented sensor technology mounted directly to the tire. Cerebrum sensors provide advanced, individual tire analytics using the Cerebrum mobile application including:
– Pressure and Temperature: This easy to use screen is the key to overall safety and performance featuring color-coded tire condition and built-in notifications for leak and blowout detection.
– Tread Depth Health: Ensure a safe and efficient drive and know when it’s time for service by monitoring the remaining life of each tire.
– Efficiency & Emissions: Save the environment and some cash using these screens which quantify excess fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
– Alignment: Monitor variations in wheel and tire conditions to proactively avoid related premature wear, increased fuel costs, and driving hazards.
– Advanced Mode: Get the most out of your tires on the road or track! Advanced Mode records and reports advanced ‘Session’ analytics including a GPS map-view, minimum and maximum tire conditions, session playback and even recommends pressure adjustments to improve tire performance. This information is also exportable for further analysis by enthusiasts and shareable with friends through your social media.
– Pressure Gauge: No need to rely on unreliable gas station gauges. Use this screen when filling your tires to help ensure accurate pressure conditions aligned with manufacturer recommendations.
– Technician Mode: This profile setting supports setup and management of customer vehicles for tire shops and technicians setting up Cerebrum sensors. Join the network by signing up as a Technician can also help to refer customers to your shop to get Cerebrum installed or a new set of replacement tires.
With Cerebrum sensor and the Cerebrum App, drivers can fully optimize tire and vehicle performance and ensure safe operating conditions.