CenTrak Connect Pulse™ Mobile – CenTrak

CenTrak’s Connect Pulse™ Mobile is a mobile application used to aid in battery replacement activities and device health troubleshooting for CenTrak’s Enterprise Location and Sensing Services.

The app allows CenTrak customers to view which devices require a battery change, which devices are under a battery replacement review, and which, if any, battery replacements failed.

Progress reports are also available to show activities on your devices, such as found devices, battery changes, and device swaps.

CenTrak’s easy-to-use barcode scanning feature allows users to rapidly scan a device to show its status, view any recommended actions and document notes on specific devices.

Users can view the current reporting status of devices to assist with resolving offline devices and validating battery change.

The app supports use without continual internet access. This means for systems that are not cloud-connected, device lists can be imported into the app and exported for processing within Connect Pulse™.