Celtic Whispers Sticker Pack – Banshee Apps

Welcome to the Celtic Whispers Free Sticker Pack, a collection of beautifully crafted Celtic Icons which feature prominantly in our Magical new Meditation app “Celtic Whispers”. If you’d like to purchase real stickers or Celtic sticker packs please visit our “Celtic Whispers” shop on Redbubble.

The people known as ‘The Celts” formed a society that existed at one time in Europe. They were a warrior culture, yet they were also great storytellers, extremely artistic and a spiritually sensitive people. They lived in harmony with the beliefs and rituals of the indigenous people; they honored them and intermingled with their way of life and culture.

At the heart of the Celtic Spiritual tradition is the belief in the interconnectedness of all aspects of life. As Climate Change, Pollution and Consumerism threaten all life on planet Earth, we invite you to discover the Living Wisdom of the Ancient Celts and reawaken the power of this age-old spiritual inheritance at this critical time.


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