Cello Map App – Keitaro Takahashi

Cello MApp is the partner app to the internationally popular Cello Map webpage.

Are you a cellist or composer who is asking:
WHERE do I put my finger, and on which string, to produce ‘C-sharp two octaves above middle C’ as a natural harmonic?
WHAT is the pitch of the 11th harmonic on the A string?
Are there some multiphonics that include the 7th and 11th harmonics on the G string, WHERE do I play them?
Is there a multiphonic that includes the notes A-sharp, D, and F, WHAT does it sound like and HOW can I notate it?

Cello MApp has the answers!

First, choose whether you want to explore cello harmonics or cello multiphonics. Then, use the smart search system to choose your starting point (pitch result, note name, string, left-hand position, harmonic number). Continue to add ‘branches’ to this starting point to filter out options. The filtering system will find a result (or several alternative results) and provide you with notations, audio examples, and videos.

Use the ‘branching’ system or build several trees to COMPARE the sound and notation of different options.

Need playing or composing TIPS? Check out the instructional videos on the ‘How To’ section of the app.

Use the ADVANCED settings to
-display the microtonality in terms of cents deviation from the harmonic series, or as accidentals with arrows
-choose between recordings made with a closely-placed or an omnidirectional microphone.