CD Express – Express Unlimited Technoligies, Inc.

Secure team collaboration. Improve your business.
Chats, group chats, channels. File sharing. Voice calls. Video conferencing.
Instant communications with colleagues, partners and clients across the CD Express Federation.
Complete address book to connect everyone. Personal phone book + corporate directory + trusted search for contacts on the counterpart’s servers.
Encryption. Security. Privacy. Compliance.
Multi-level end-to-end encrypted, proprietary Protocol.
Protected SaaS or on-premises server installation for 100% safety of your data.
3-FA authentication. Active Directory integration. DLP availability.
Stealth mode with messages automatically expired after timer ends (available only for Corporate users).
Ultimate mobility.
Full set of features available on mobile.
Immediate notifications via corporate channels and bots.
Integrations. Complete workspace in one app.
BotX bot platform for most complicated integrations on the market.
Access any existing cloud, on-prem or legacy system by the CD Express by the custom Bots.
Try CD Express free or contact us for your dedicated Corporate Server deployment.