Cathode’s Journey – Juvul

Cathode the TV Cat traverses polychrome fields of light while the Infinite Spiral shifts and twists in endless ways. Dancing in the timeless space around you the Neon Butterfly flirts, ever out of reach, only to transport you to the next level – if you dare!

Cathode’s Journey is an experimental audio-visual indie game. There is no distinction between music or sound effect; your actions play a part in a duet, which is also a playful duel. Time and speed is elastic, controlled by how well you manage to collect jewels and avoid obstacles.


– Fast-paced rhythmic and musical gameplay
– Increasing speed, difficulty and obstacles
– Entire game is one uninterrupted audio-visual experience
– No camera cuts
– No death, only transformation
– Designed to evoke a blissful “flow state”

The journey is not easy, but with fast reflexes and focus you may become one of the few to unlock the final portal and experience what is on the other side!