Cat and Escape – qianqian Huangfu

“Cat and Escape” will present three independent and complete stories for everyone.

“Cat and Escape” — Memory
We need memory to determine our identity. When we find the missing part of ourselves,
The closer you may be to the truth, the further away you may be from reality.
Trapped in an empty secret room, follow the cat’s guidance.
As the story unfolds, discover the horrifying facts buried inside.
Behind the truth, what role does the cat play?
Putting away all the fog, no one knows whether it will bring life or death.

“Cat and Escape” — Evolution
In order to avoid a disaster, humans place their hopes in technology.
Waiting for hope of survival in deep sleep,
Find the silent truth after waking up.
Our research is very successful,
Disasters also bring about human evolution,
Why… can this cat survive?

“Cat and Escape”—Changsheng
Legend has it that cats are yin, and their eyes can see spirits.
Cats lingering at the door of the orphanage
There have been bizarre cases recently,
Whether some hidden evils are buried,
Detective Mike, who was commissioned, felt like a cat scratching his heart.
Do everything possible to find out in the orphanage.

How to play :
You can click the screen, in order to find hints and items.
The item which you got is displayed on a right-hand side small window.
If you click the item, it will be in a selective state.
You can choose other items during a detailed picture display.
You can use it for the item under detailed picture display.