Cash Grab – Financial Literacy – Peter Haltner

Come play the exciting, finance game – Cash Grab!

Join us in the journey of learning financial literacy. Start as a beginner with earning money and making financial decisions. Progress to advanced mode where you learn to use credit cards, loans, and even stocks!

It is easy to get started playing, but difficult to master. There are 10 stages and at the end of each stage you need to make financial decisions that can benefit or hurt you further on in the game. View the end game statistics to learn where you made a mistake.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new! You can always try again to beat your high score! What are you waiting for? Start learning about financial literacy in this virtual game and apply the lessons learned to real-life.


Free to Play
Two modes: Basic and Advanced
No time limit when making financial decisions
Easy to play again
Suitable for ages 9+ years old

Learning objectives:

Buying vs renting items
Pros and cons of getting an education
How to use a credit card
Pros and cons of credit cards

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