Carrotspot – MC2 Innovations

Carrotspot is a ground-breaking platform for encouraging feedback and motivating each other. You’ll collect tokens depending on your performance, earn awards and track your progress over time. It will you help you recognize co-workers on special projects and other special company tasks whilst also supporting your current HR processes. Carrotspot is built on industry leading standards ensuring your privacy and protection. With our mobile app, providing and receiving recognition for a job well done has never been easier!

Carrotspot enables employees and co-workers to:
• Recognize and motivate each other and project teams in various ways
• Easily discover your companies benefits and reward schemes
• Receive personalized benefits or awards

With the Carrotspot mobile application:
• Employees receive instant notifications, check their account balance and start benefiting from rewards.
• Managers can provide recognition immediately from anywhere and provide ongoing feedback.