Carbon Neutral – Bubble Motion

A 14-year-old Indian student, Devika Bajaj has been involved in bringing a positive change in the society since her early years. Co-founder in a social initiative, Unitiforcommuniti, she has worked actively on many community projects: Reduce Reuse and Recycle, Distribution of Biodegradable bags made by financially challenged women and remunerated accordingly, to name a few. Devika is inspired by Greta Thunberg the 17 year old teenage activist from Sweden know globally for her environmental campaigns. She has developed this app to raise awareness amongst individuals and make a small but impactful change.

Through this platform she envisions to collaborate with people all over the world to mitigate the alarming rise in our carbon footprints. rnrnThe aim of the UN led Paris Agreement is to keep the global temperature rise in this century well below 2C. The coalition of different countries hopes to increase the ability to adapt to adverse climate change with the support of consistent funds.
The bigger picture of combating climate change is not just the job of our governments. Each one of us as a stakeholder of Mother Earth is equally responsible and must take onus in our own spheres of life. rnrnDevika urges everyone to take out a few moments for this user-friendly app.

Simple basic information shared and tasks selected would help subscribers in achieving their personal green goals. In addition, they would be able to view their progress towards successive reduction in carbon emissions. A few clicks and you may share your journey on social media or invite your friends. So join the crusade for a future of clean air, water and natural resources.