CaraControl – Leisure Telematics International s.r.o.

CaraControl system represents a pinnacle of the modern way of mobile living, allowing remote controlling, security and monitoring of different statuses, such as gas levels and more.

From the very beginning, the system was designed to be as universal as possible, allowing it to be connected to third-party devices, such as heating panels or air conditioning to cover any owner of practically any leisure vehicle in question.

Additionally, users can also connect certain third-party alarm systems, such as smoke detectors, gas sensors, motion sensors and more.

The central unit is equipped with a wide array of communication ports to allow the multitude of functions available, but also to ensure that the unit stays future-proof.

Furthermore, our hardware is capable of wireless transmission, making the connection of different environmental sensors, such as security sensors, Keyless Go cards or gas measuring pads possible.

All information from electronic systems and sensors is then transmitted into a smartphone application. Remote controlling and settings can be executed locally via Bluetooth Low Energy with minimum load on the leisure battery life or remotely via GSM or NB-IoT network.