Car Wash & Rescue Truck Game – Irfan Ahmad

Get ready to start the new kids truck adventure with your lovely friend of poppy unicorn in this amazing large vehicle driving truck games. You can enjoy many different tasks of kids truck road adventure with a fun poppy unicorn. Your adorable new friend will guide you in every road situation. Let’s start the new journey of amazing kids truck driving adventure and get nonstop fun of playing with your new sweet buddy poppy unicorn.

This innocent pal will grab you in the world of kids truck driving and car wash games where lots of amazing road adventure tasks are waiting for you. Let’s become the kids truck driver and enjoy doing truck vehicle driving activities with pretty poppy unicorn.

You can get entertainment by doing dirty car wash, road rescue, road repair and auto service garage work in these exciting kids truck games with the help of poppy unicorn. Get enjoyment by driving many different truck vehicles. Let’s get the wheels and start your fun…

In this kids truck adventure, firstly you need to become the excavator truck driver and clean the road from snow. Make the way for traffic. In this road adventure poppy unicorn guides you to pick up all the snow and collect it in a tow truck.

Kids truck driver it’s time to drive the fire brigade bus and extinguish the fire from the burning building. Hurry up, your buddy needs your immediate help.

Your road rescue mission is starting now because a car accident has happened and you have to work fast to save the injured. Get the ambulance and help poppy unicorn to get the needy to the hospital.

Road is broken and badly needed to be repaired. Dive the truck vehicle of the poppy unicorn roller truck driver and use a road driller to fix it.

After a long day of kids truck road adventure and hattic truck driving tasks the vehicles get dirty. Poppy unicorn will help you to do a perfect car wash in the auto workshop garage. Do the great job of car wash in a poppy unicorn repair garage and have unlimited fun.

So kids this is the whole story of an amazing poppy unicorn truck adventure. Become a part of those interesting kids truck games. Have wonderful experience with road missions & car wash games. Poppy unicorn will give you endless joy of multiple truck drivers and road tasks. Enter the exciting place with your best buddy poppy unicorn and have a bundle of fun. Enjoy…