Car City Heroes: Rescue Trucks – Mini Mango

Pack your suitcase and get ready to play with your favorite Car City characters from the YouTube series: Tom, Carl, Amber, Frank, Matt and Carrie! Save your friends in trouble or have a break and laugh with the funny animals you’ll find along the way! Rescue Trucks, Assemble!

Perfect for children aged 2 to 5, kids will easily learn to play and have fun! The game is packed with many activities and minigames that help children be more creative and learn life values like kindness, empathy, curiosity and helping others.

– 6 unique characters
– 6 different environments
– Touch the animals and enjoy fun animations
– Relax and make an ice cream
– Perfect for kids 2+
– Without ads!

Ride along the road in different environments including:
– The City
– The City at night
– The Forest
– The Country Side
– A Winter Mountain
– Outer Space (Mars)

Control different heroes from Car City, each one with its own set of missions:
– Tom, the Tow Truck: Repair a car
– Amber, the Ambulance: Treat and heal a patient
– Frank, the Fire Truck: Extinguish a fire
– Matt, the Police Car: Find the lost teddies for your friend
– Carrie, the Ice Cream Truck: Create the perfect ice cream
– Carl, the Super Truck: Unblock the road from a hazard

Car City Heroes: Rescue Trucks is part of Carl the Super Truck Collection of games, created to help the social and emotional growth of kids

To the parents: we want to make sure once your child enters the app, it is only to encounter fun & happiness. Accordingly, we require a parental code for any in-app purchase or external link. You can also purchase the app’s full version to access all the games and exclude any in-app purchase redirection.

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