Captain-Conundrum – Qian Meixiong

Take control of Captain Conundrum, a space warrior defending the planet from hurdling obstacles! You’ll dodge obstacles like meteors, rockets, and UFOs. Thankfully, your ship comes with a handy laser cannon to shoot these things out of existence. Grab power ups along the way to make the experience even more enjoyable. Go for a high score and become the best captain there ever was! Or use your dodging maneuvers to avoid these obstacles and go for a low score. Whatever your choice, it’s all up to you, Captain!

As a captain, you’ll be given the right to customize your very own spaceship and change how you move around. You can even decide if you want a catchy beat playing in the background or hear nothing but the sound of things exploding right in your face!

While you’re at it, check out the Game Center to see leaderboards and achievements you can obtain on your way to become a true captain.