Cantilever Retaining Wall – Rab Elias

This application includes two major calculation steps:

– Stability evaluation which includes the overturning, bearing, and sliding failure modes.
– Designing the different components of Retaining Wall: stem, heel, toe and key, for bending and shear, under the combined factored loads.

– Check stability Verticals and Laterals forces.
– Graphic display of forces and pressures acting upon the wall.
– Establish Stem, Heel, Toe and Key thickness by Verifying shear & moment.
– Bearing Capacity Verification.
– Graphic plot moment and shear diagrams to optimize reinforcing bars.
– Graphic plot for required flexural reinforcement to optimize reinforcing bars.
– Complete stability analysis for overturning, sliding, and bearing.
– Graphic plot of Nominal Moment.
– Graphic plot Stress diagrams.
– Graphic plot Neutral axes diagrams.
– Graphic plot for wall elevation with Cutoff Location in Tension side.
– Concrete design of stem, toe, heel, and key.
– Graphic plot for reinforcement distribution