Canisius-Pilgerpass – TELLUX next GmbH

[The app is available for the following languages: German, French and Lithuanian]

Come on an adventure
A digital pilgrimage through Central Europe, 33 stations and a multitude of exciting stories, games and puzzles – the new app “Canisius-Pilgerpass” from the Jesuits invite you to a spiritual adventure through the new Central European Province of the Jesuits.

A digital trip around the world
The 33 stations on the Canisusweg lead from Vilnius in Lithuania to Friborg in Switzerland and through all countries in the new province, which also includes locations in Sweden and Chicago / USA. In Riga, for example, we learn about the importance of the Ignatian retreat for ecumenism. In Hamburg we meet a Jesuit who is an enthusiastic drummer. You can immerse yourself in the life, work and spirituality of the local Jesuits and experience what it means to seek and find God in all things.

The pilgrim pass
On the analogue pilgrimage, the pilgrim walks to fill his passport with stamps. On the digital one, on the other hand, you have to solve small tasks at each station in order to receive the stamp for the digital pilgrim passport. So test your knowledge with a variety of mini-games, reward yourself with stamps and improve your high score.

The prayer corner
The pilgrimage can also be a way to yourself and maybe also to God. The Pilgrim Pass is not just a gaming app, it also deliberately sets spiritual impulses. The personal prayer corner will be filled with a lot of help in the course of the trip. There the spiritual accumulator, which empties during the pilgrimage, can also be refilled.

The Canisius Community
The pilgrim walks for himself over many stretches, also digitally. But you are not alone on the Canisiusweg, because you make your way together with the Canisius community. A specially set up Facebook group unites the pilgrims and is the place where you can exchange ideas along the way, share experiences or impulses and motivate each other.

Come along!
Our journey together leads us to special places, to ourselves – and maybe even to God.