Candy Dropperz – PENDYLUM INC

Use your candy pieces to take out the numbered blocks in this fun game of skill and reflexes! Fling, bounce, and ricochet your candies around the playing area! Hit special power ups to take out multiple blocks at once! Collect pickups to increase your candy quota, gain valuable multipliers, or turn your candy into an unstoppable fireball! Survive as long as you can in Endless Mode, accumulate as many points as possible in Timed Mode, or work your way through 48 progressively-difficult levels in Campaign Mode!

Slide your finger left and right to aim the candy piece, then release to send the candy flying across the screen. Decrease each numbered block to zero to remove it from the game board. But be careful as the blocks are continually ascending – if the blocks reach the top, it’s Game Over!

For more information, please refer to the How to Play screens within the app.

– A fun game of skill and reflexes!
– Instantly accessible pick-up-and-play gameplay!
– Intuitive touch-screen controls!
– Suitable for players of all ages!
– Two different power-up blocks!
– Multiple Playing Modes, including Endless and Timed!
– 48 unlockable levels to master!
– Catchy background music!
– Fun particle effects!