Cancri E LLC – Braintree Products Inc.

In CANCRI E LLC, sincerely picked artisans appointed to provide unique and best in class outcome happily dedicated towards their job. The environment of joy helps our company in fulfilling the expectations of our customers with some add-ons. We believe every customer is unique with their expectations with a diamond product. The skilled front line employees help each customer with the flexible support required. Our excellent customer support services make the one time purchase experience memorable.

Specialized in lab-grown diamonds, our family welcomes you on the mesmerizing journey of handmade diamond products. We offer the best range of jewelry that can consciously satisfy you and your loved ones.

Key Features:

• Lab Grown: We have 1000+ exclusive lab grown diamond inventory.

• Search: Our search tool is very convenient and advance, put in your criteria and The search results are available.

• DNA: This feature will enable you to get all the possible details of the diamond you would need.

• Account History: Get a quick review of​ your purchase history, view requests, and Just Did It! Diamond detail and summary.

• Communication: We are getting in the reach of our customer by call/email.

• Live Inventory: Geographical barrier hindering your buying experience? We’ve got it covered by featuring Live Inventory 24×7.