Campus Mate – Idle Items – Shannon Miller

Campus mate is an item trading platform tailored for college students to buy idle, sell idle, and browse goods.

With Campus mate, you can
2. Buy second-hand goods you need.
1. Sell what you do not want to use.
3. Chat and make friends with the seller.

Every year, graduates have items that they may not need to take away. These items are like chicken ribs – it is a pity to leave them for useless. If you want to sell scrap products, merchants will press the price. Most students who want to trade second-hand idle goods on campus often do not have a convenient and effective channel. The advertisements posted at will are torn by the dormitory administrators, resulting in the effective dissemination of information and waste. Paper resources. With the campus small market app, the bedroom is waiting for you to collect money! Don’t worry about the baggage, don’t worry about the price!