Calligraphy Finger Art – LI ZHIHUI

Calligraphy is a visual art, expressive art related to writing and Kanji.
Ancient Chinese calligraphy style is the most popular.

Do you want try calligraphy art?
Yes, This app can bring you a wonderful experience.
You can create your own calligraphy style, just to adjust the order, strength and speed of writing will get a amazing art work.

– Exclusive algorithm ensures smoothness operation
– Support 3D Touch, Apple Pencil, iPhone series, iPad series hardware
– APP contains: Basic Sharp pens, Round brush styles, and the creation styles of square, round, hollow, and metal artistic characters
– Extremely small, tiny, small, medium, large, extra large, and extremely large: 7 pen tip designs with different thicknesses switch
– Ingeniously change the writing speed, and be able to create dynamic and thorough chapters
– Support square grid, field grid, vertical line copybook, rice paper background settings
– Save in your gallery
– Share it with your friends via Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or etc.

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