Calculon Controller – AndEtc, Inc.

Take your mind reading to another level with Calculon!

Know what numbers they are thinking of, what star sign their birthday is, what city they are from, and more using their phone! Plus, force number and magic effects not possible before with a calculator are now possible with Calculon!

Any numbers that are typed into that calculator are immediately viewable on your device. Plus, you can set any number to appear as the force number.

And, this app works in conjunction with Robert Ramirez’s Expert Phone Technique, which allows numbers to appear, disappear, and change magically, all on the phone they hold in their hands.

This app is for magicians only. This app requires an internet connection to work correctly.

This app is part of the ThoughtCast suite of magic apps, and a ThoughtCast username and password is required to log in and use the app.

This app is for entertainment purposes only and for use by magicians for magical performances only!