CalcuList – Luke Voce

1. Create lists
2. Add numbers
3. Let CalcuList take care of the rest!

CalcuList is an easy way to add together numbers in a list and store the results for future use.

Simply add items to a list, assign a numeric value to each and CalcuList will automatically display the total or average list value. Quickly edit, duplicate, complete and delete items – CalcuList will continuously update the running total/average value for you.

Try using CalcuList to keep track of:

– Costs (e.g. budgets, gift lists, DIY projects, holiday expenses)
– Goals (e.g. checklists, workout schedules, habit tracking)
– Averages (e.g. exercise sessions, energy usage, bill splits)
– Pros and Cons (e.g. positive and negative values to represent weighting)
– Counts (e.g. TV watch lists, business mileage, party guest lists)
– Time (e.g. cooking times, travel times, gig setlists)
– Everything else (e.g. distance, area, mass, data capacity, temperature, speed)

CalcuList was built with speed and simplicity in mind, adopting a clean, easy-to-use interface that provides an alternative to using cumbersome spreadsheet software for simple list creation.


– Quickly add together numbers in a list
– Keep track of progress by marking items as complete
– Use negative numbers to track balance
– Choose to display either ‘Total’ or ‘Average’ list values
– Optionally add quantities to items for easy multiplication calculations
– Custom format numbers with decimal places, prefixes, suffixes and more
– Easily duplicate lists and items
– Sort lists and items alphabetically, numerically, by date or manually
– Customise lists with a choice of over 100 icons and 10 colour themes
– Beautiful, clean design
– Dark mode fully supported
– Use in both portrait and landscape orientations
– No ads, no logins, just use freely without restrictions