BYO Buzzer – BYO Buzzer Pte. Ltd.


Download BYO Buzzer when joining queues at restaurants, food courts or even at medical care facilities. Get your anonymous QR code scanned to join the queue and go about your own business nearby. You can shop, run errands or sit down somewhere while you wait for your order to be ready.

BYO Buzzer informs you when your food order or service is ready right from the convenience of your own mobile phone. The order and collection process is completely contactless!


BYO Buzzer turns your iOS phone into a queue buzzer. All you need is your mobile phone and 4G/5G/WIFI data connection.

Join a few queues without having to hold on to multiple buzzers from different stores. Use only your phone as the single buzzer.

Get visual notification on your phone when your food order or service is ready.

Join a contactless queue today!